Third Party Equipment – Tips on How to Resell Used Industrial Materials

Third Party Equipment – Tips on How to Resell Used Industrial Materials

Third Party Equipment

Because technology advances happen so fast, component manufacturing companies are looking to buy, sell, or trade their used materials. As volume levels change in the production line, or fabrication needs shift, many companies also find themselves with industrial equipment that has become no longer needed or obsolete.

Unused equipment and materials use up valuable warehouse space and valuable dollars tied up in useless capital. Other players in the industry may be searching for working or nonworking equipment and excess materials at a lower cost. It makes perfect sense to try and resell your valuable assets to customers, even at a lower price. At least there is some profit made instead of none.

Selling off used telecom tools and equipment, or leftover materials is not difficult. There are third party equipment companies which specializes in selling these types of items. Prior to selling anything, you should first consider these tips:

  • Keep equipment maintenance records.
    If you’re able to provide all the maintenance information for a piece of equipment it’s more likely that someone will want to purchase it.


  • Clean the tools or equipment before reselling.
    Buyers want to buy equipment that looks like it’s been taken care of. Giving your equipment a thorough cleaning restores it’s bright, shiny exterior and makes it more appealing to the buyer.


  • Work with a third party equipment company that has experience 
    The more experienced companies have the right connections, resources, and mailing list to properly market your equipment and materials to more targeted buyers.


  • Don’t just target local buyers.
    Potential buyers can be across the country or around the world – you never know who your best prospect could be. The larger the net is that you choose to cast, the better your chances of securing a buyer who’s willing to give you the price you want.


  • Don’t undervalue your assets.
    Even though you’ve invested good money in your equipment, it’s probably best to think about the minimum you’d want to sell it at. It’s best to research the current market price before you hand it to your third party equipment partner. If your price is set adequately, then buyers will be more likely to purchase it.

You obviously want the most money for assets, but it will really take a lot of strategic planning. It’s important that you find a third party equipment partner who can spend the time on marketing to the proper targets and highlight your assets within a high demand market.

AECI offers large and small companies’ entrance to the resale market. We have been serving this market since the early 2000’s and we continue to serve OEM’s through customized and flexible programs designed to recover fair market value when we sell used industrial equipment, excess and obsolete inventory.

We have developed an extensive portfolio of installers and small manufacturers in the telecom industry, as well as general use tools utilized in a broad range of industries for purchasing, materials management, and supply chain management strategies. We assist customers with project planning and “wish lists” by tracking our incoming inventory, advising the customer of availability, and working with them to schedule their purchases with our automated inventory system.

Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you manage to resell your assets.