How to Successfully Sell Used Industrial Equipment & Machinery

How to Successfully Sell Used Industrial Equipment & Machinery

Sell Used Industrial Equipment

A great way for companies to regain business value is to sell used industrial equipment to other companies. Used equipment and machinery that has been impeccably maintained on a regular schedule, can definitely be sold for a fair price.

The vast number of industrial liquidation marketplaces has grown exponentially. Although the resale market is heating up, this doesn’t always guarantee that your used equipment will be as sought-after as brand new equipment.

Here are some tips to help make your industrial machinery as attractive as possible to buyers:

Determine a Good Price for Your Equipment
Do research on what your equipment is currently selling for. Search industrial auction and liquidation sites and see what others have priced their equipment for. Realize that most people are searching for the best deal, so make sure your equipment is priced competitively. Most buyers of used equipment will bear the risk and inconvenience if it’s for a really great price.

To Attract Buyers, Clean or Refurbish Your Equipment
Most companies that sell used industrial equipment from a manufacturing plant, farm or construction company should have them cleaned prior to selling them. It’s wise for any seller to repair whatever damages that are apparent. The small cost to make repairs is worth it because it can boost your selling price.

Pick the Right Selling Method
There are multiple ways to sell used industrial equipment. There are marketplace websites, online brokers and online auctions just to name a few options. More coveted items may be best suited for an online auction to create a bidding war among buyers. Most companies choose to hire a broker to seek out customers on their behalf.

Top Sellers Provide Information & Equipment Records
Customers are more likely to purchase products which feature the most information possible (pictures, descriptions, maintenance records, technical specs). To avoid arguments, it’s best to be as transparent as possible so that you establish a top seller reputation.

All sized companies can sell used industrial equipment and are turning to the resale market and AECI has been serving this market for close to 20 years. Customers benefit from the cost savings and ever-changing inventory of surplus material and hard to find tools and specialized equipment. We provide for customers by tracking our inventory, notifying the customer of the equipment availability, and working to schedule their purchase with our asset management strategy.

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