Industrial Tools and Materials

Large and small companies are turning to the resale market to purchase more budget friendly and hard to find tools used in their day-to-day operations. AECI has been serving this market since the early 2000’s when it’s Tools & Assets Division was formalized.

A key telecom client was downsizing one of their business units and entered into an agreement with AECI to close down their facility and resell their entire inventory of tools and equipment on the open market. AECI continues to serve OEM’s through customized and flexible programs designed to recover fair market value for excess and obsolete inventory.

Through these programs, AECI has developed an extensive portfolio of tools used by installers and small manufacturers in the telecom industry, as well as general use tools utilized in a broad range of industries for purchasing and materials management.

Customers benefit from the cost savings and ever-changing excess and obsolete inventory and hard to find tools. We also assist customers with project planning and “wish lists” by tracking our incoming inventory, advising the customer of availability, and working with them to schedule their purchases with our automated inventory system.