Procurement Strategy

AECI is a leading procurement strategy and sourcing service provider for the electronics industry with Fortune 100 manufacturers currently among our procurement partners.

AECI’s procurement strategy will enhance your existing processes and help to optimize your bottom line by providing a strategy for cost reductions and enhanced internal operational efficiency.

AECI’s procurement strategy can compliment your organization and improve your overall procurement performance.

  • Access best in class tools and resources without making additional internal fixed investments
  • You gain freedom and flexibility to focus on core competencies and apply limited resources to mission-critical business functions
  • You attain greater control and reporting on compliance to vendor contracts, SLA’s and pricing
  • Optimize savings on the cost of goods
  • Minimize inventory carrying costs and floor/storage space
  • Market leverage allows for better discounts
  • Invoice Reduction
  • Supplier Reduction – Source suppliers vs. Total Suppliers
  • Transaction costs per purchase are lowered by economies of scale
  • Import/Export expertise
  • AECI is Veteran owned and Small Business