American Electronic Components Inc.
President's Statement

In today's challenging business environment, our industry has undergone many changes. From huge acquisitions and mergers, to original equipment manufacturers outsourcing their material management and manufacturing processes. Throughout these changes AECI has continued to adapt to the changing needs of our customers, while remaining dedicated to our core business philosophy:

OUR CUSTOMERS ARE OUR PARTNERS - Their goals are our goals.

As our industry further evolves, we at AECI will continue to grow and prosper, nurtured by our philosophy of customer service. I look forward to providing you, our customers/partners, with the quality products and professional services that have become the hallmark of partnering with AECI.

As partners we accept the challenge to meet and exceed your business requirements. Whether fulfilling your supply demands with JIT protocols, helping to solve your surplus stock issues, or providing your telecom solutions, AECI is committed to helping you achieve your goals.

AECI is a company built on the strength of teamwork and I look forward to achieving our mutual success.


Ronald Franks