Electronic Components

The Component Division is AECI’s original core business. It has been supplying large, medium, and small companies in the electronics industry since 1978. The early success of AECI was literally dependent on how well we satisfied these customers.

The Component Division has served as our prototype and model for defining customer satisfaction as the driver of our success company-wide. We pride ourselves on continually learning what our customers need in order to provide the best solutions for electronic components and industrial electronics alike.


AECI's Component Division is designed to offer you a single source for:

  • An extensive line of industrial electronics and in-stock components – an electronic components list of over 150,000 SKU’s
  • Sourcing, procurement and logistics
  • Solutions for surplus electronics, excess components

In addition to our supplier capabilities, we provide additional services to help you achieve speedy and quality driven fulfillment of your purchasing needs including:

Import/Export Expertise