Why are Asset Recovery Services Important?

Why are Asset Recovery Services Important?

Asset Recovery Services

In this day and age, certain kinds of specialized equipment, old computers, monitors and printers are becoming obsolete. This outdated equipment may have sensitive data stored on it and having it sit on a random shelf in a warehouse can be a huge risk. That’s where asset recovery services come in – making sure that these company assets are dealt with in an efficient, secure way.

If your company deals with equipment that may contain client and personal information, you must ensure that data remains secure once the equipment is no longer in use. This sensitive information may be credit card numbers, employee information, customer records, and financial data. There are specific guidelines for EPA compliance, as well as other strict internal, governmental, environmental or third-party compliance standards.

Going green is something every manufacturer should strive for, because the environmental e-waste that is now generated has become a huge burden on the planet. It’s been stated that the current amount of global e-waste weighs the same as 126 Empire State Buildings. If there’s a way to recycle or reuse this equipment in a new capacity, then there will be less e-waste to dispose of.

There’s also an inherent value in redeploying or reselling this existing equipment. Smaller businesses in the same industry could always benefit from used equipment that’s priced at a more reasonable level. Reselling can be complex, so it’s wise to use industry best practices and any relevant policies which exist for that specific equipment. If not taken care of properly, disposing assets can be a costly and resource-intensive problem. Be sure to seek assistance in this area, there are experts who have the ability to help cut costs and improve warehouse efficiency.

Having asset recovery services enables you to maximize the value of your assets while you gain more time to focus on more essential activities that are critical to your business. Third-party agencies can help mitigate the environmental and data security risks associated with end-of-life asset disposal.

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