Five Simple Ways to Improve Warehouse Efficiency

Five Simple Ways to Improve Warehouse Efficiency

Improve Warehouse Efficiency

Industry leaders know an efficient warehouse is critical for customer satisfaction. Especially if you’re in the telecom, IT or electronics industries, you’re dependent upon accurate shipping of your products in a timely manner. However, your warehouse may not be organized to support the level of efficiency you need to maintain your business. Whether it’s antiquated systems, lack of space or purchasing more parts than necessary, it’s essential for your warehouse operations to perform successfully and to improve warehouse efficiency overall.

Here are some tips to improve warehouse efficiency:

Keep Inventory Lean
Choosing to maintain a lean inventory in your warehouse is just as important as it is in manufacturing. It’s wise to purchase only what you need to meet your production levels, and nothing more. If you have purchased too much, try to reduce or eliminate what you have overstocked and ask your suppliers to deliver smaller quantities more often.

Maximize & Optimize
Depending on the size of your warehouse, you may be able to maximize the use of vertical space. You could add taller shelving units in your existing square footage which would be more cost-effective than expanding. Modernize the shelving used in the space – there are so many new types of storage options out there and using standard size bins can keep shelves organized and more accessible. It’s best to also store items that are frequently sold together near one another to help streamline operations further.

Innovate with Technology
Using a warehouse management system or an ERP strategy can definitely improve warehouse efficiency. These systems are built to suggest the best routes and methods for picking or put-away. Some of them provide automated pick lists that can be sent to mobile devices to eliminate mistakes and reduce wasted time and paper.

When you improve warehouse efficiency it can make a world of difference in the success of your business. Not sure where to begin? Contact our experts for smart warehouse solutions that can be custom built to support your business.