The Challenges of Closing an Office with Used Telecom Equipment

The Challenges of Closing an Office with Used Telecom Equipment

Used Telecom Equipment

Once business owners make the tough decision to close their doors, there are typically strict deadlines assigned. Elimination of office furniture and fixtures is one thing, but getting rid of used telecom equipment or left-over IT products creates the following challenges:

  • Locating/Organizing Inventory: Larger companies with multiple floors, or multiple office locations may not be able to quickly locate all of these assets in order to liquidate them.
  • Lack of Asset Valuation Knowledge: Details of the technology and equipment, like model numbers and connection instructions will be necessary to pass on to liquidators.
  • Disconnection Laws: Telecom disconnection, reporting requirements and asset tracking are sometimes required by law in the case of a bankruptcy or complete shut-down.
  • Data Breaches: Due to the number of people with access to the office, there’s a higher risk for data breaches. Destruction of hard drives or other devices should be handled carefully.

There are specific regulations in place which require companies to properly dispose of used telecom equipment or IT equipment. Depending on the amount of equipment you have to dispose of, it may be wise to try and recover the value of your inventory so you don’t lose the money you spent on it. In order to be compliant, inventory liquidation may be necessary to eliminate any data breach risks.

It can definitely be worthwhile to hire a third-party to get it all done on time and with the proper resources. Specifically, selling off IT equipment should be handled by an expert because of the significant data security risks.

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