Why You Should Consider Selling Excess & Used Industrial Equipment

Why You Should Consider Selling Excess & Used Industrial Equipment

Used Industrial Equipment

As the economy shifts and budgets continue to tighten, companies large and small are turning to the resale market to purchase the industrial equipment and tools they need for their day-to-day operations. Selling surplus or used industrial equipment and materials is a great way for companies to recoup the value they paid for those unused items.

There is a new generation of buyers (and new business owners) who are specifically searching for used product, packaging, specialized equipment and tools from manufacturers. Companies can truly benefit from the cost savings of selling off these surplus materials which sit untouched in their warehouse.

For companies who maintain stringent equipment upgrade schedules, selling used industrial equipment helps with the consolidated asset recovery process. Also, for equipment that is meticulously maintained, companies can fetch a fair price on the used market by selling to new business owners who wish to keep startup costs low.

There are also significant environmental benefits from the reuse of industrial materials. The waste generated during a product’s life cycle can be excessive. It can also be expensive to transport any excess waste or materials to recycling facilities. Reusing product materials ultimately decreases the amount of waste sent to landfills and that helps to save the environment.

Used goods are widely available to industries, businesses, institutions, and individuals. There are secondhand markets growing for entire industrial production facilities, such as breweries and chemical production plants, as well as for medical, construction and used industrial equipment.

Handling all these surplus items can be difficult to manage while you still run your daily operations. It’s wise to outsource this process to a vendor that is able to understand how to recover fair market value for your excess inventory.

AECI can handle any excess or surplus inventory of products, packaging, equipment, tools and other materials your business produces. Work with us to save money, eliminate waste and clear space in your warehouse for more relevant and sellable materials.