Discover Value for Unused Equipment in the Semiconductor Aftermarket

Discover Value for Unused Equipment in the Semiconductor Aftermarket

The Value in Unused Equipment

As technology advances at lightning speed, products and their parts become obsolete at a fast pace too. Some manufacturers continue production for certain parts, based upon demand. Manufacturing businesses are realizing they can get great return on selling spare product parts – in fact, unused equipment has become a somewhat standard source of revenue, especially for companies selling used telecom equipment.

The telecom semiconductor aftermarket is one of the largest resale categories in the industry. According to an AMR Research report, businesses can earn about 45% of gross profits from the aftermarket. Some companies think after-sales services are a wasted effort, mainly because after-sales support is extremely difficult to manage. Fortunately, aftermarket revenue results are now changing their minds.

Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) don’t always get the best out of unused equipment and assets, but for other smaller manufacturers getting used parts from a larger manufacturer is like winning the lottery.

There is significant value in reselling semiconductors and other unused equipment. The longer the life of the asset, the more opportunities to resell it. Also, increasing sales of parts and service-related products costs businesses far less than finding new customers, though they can successfully cross sell and up sell only if the support they offer satisfies existing customers.

AECI is one of the leading resellers of semiconductor equipment, electrical test equipment, and measuring equipment. AECI buys used and unused equipment, including complete fabs, and sells equipment as guaranteed functional, refurbished or “as is,” depending on customers’ needs.

We maintain an extensive equipment inventory, equipment sourcing, manage plant consolidations/downsizing/closures and auctions. To view our full range of equipment just head over to our line card page.

Our revenue/profit sharing program lets us move your excess inventory into our facilities on consignment in order to return a share of the sales to you. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you get the most for your unused equipment and inventory.