Procurement Teams Must Develop New Strategies

Procurement Teams Must Develop New Strategies

Procurement Teams

Today’s electronics industry has undergone dramatic changes as manufacturing technologies advance and consumer demand goes global. These shifts will continue to drive radical changes in the design, construction, and procurement of electronic products.

Manufacturing rules are also changing at a rapid pace forcing industry procurement specialists to change their management approach of supply networks. The flexibility of locations for supply networks will bring global consumers closer to manufacturing. Because of these drastic changes, procurement teams must be flexible and learn to develop new strategies.

There are several challenges procurement teams will face:

  • Because manufacturing technologies are evolving and maturing, they must adopt hybrid production models
  • They have to shift the structure of their supply networks to support more on-demand manufacturing, shorter development and product lifecycles
  • They must meet the rigorous environmental regulations and new documentation standards
  • They must use open source electronics to reduce R&D costs and decrease the time to market

It’s best to secure third party, end-to-end procurement teams which can help with sourcing, contracting and purchase decisions. A provider will help provide the visibility, speed and flexibility needed to balance these new market demands. Another benefit will be faster achievement of higher profit margins, confidence in long-term survival and growth in overall earnings.

AECI is a leading procurement and sourcing service provider for the electronics industry. AECI’s procurement strategy will enhance your existing processes and help to optimize your bottom line by providing a strategy for cost reduction and operational efficiency. Our procurement teams will complement your organization and improve your overall procurement performance.

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