The Advantages of Modern Warehouse Management

The Advantages of Modern Warehouse Management

Modern Warehouse Management

Recently, a study was done of warehouse executives and professionals showing that three-quarters of them were planning to shift to a “more modern warehouse management system” by 2020. Those who said they were planning changes of any kind, most cited transportation costs and response times as major drivers.

It’s important to stay ahead of the curve so you can successfully support your customers with a high-quality product and proper distribution operations. To bring a manufacturing company into the future, significant changes need to be made, especially in the supply chain and warehouse storage areas.

There’s a continual increase in customer expectations and it’s driving manufacturers not only to make advanced technology investments, but changes to improve fulfillment accuracy, reduce out-of-stock situations and shorten delivery. These are also the reasons why manufacturers are looking to utilize modern warehouse management.

Whether these changes are temporary or permanent, they may include investments in external modern warehouse management services, logistics outsourcing, new automation technologies, or the restructuring or relocation of facilities. Seeking outside help for scalable warehousing and distribution services is advantageous. Modern warehouse management provides more advanced technology and better locations with less capital investment and financial risk.

Some basic benefits of using a modern warehouse management service:

  • Significant cost reduction
  • Better and faster execution/fulfillment
  • Less delinquencies
  • Minimal errors
  • Digital sensors and radio-frequency identification (RFID) tags
  • Hands-free walkie talkies to get information and instructions from anywhere in the warehouse

Switching to more modern warehouse management also offers these more flexible storage solutions:

Pallet Racks
The most flexible and most common storage solutions used in a modern warehouse are racking systems. Pallet racks are versatile and can be customized to better fit the product. Standard, deep reach, and narrow-aisle racking are ideal for selective racks while providing direct access to each pallet in storage.

Functional Shelving for Material Storage
Shelving storage is on of the most functional storage methods available. Durable shelving that is stationary, mobile, and easily accessible should streamline the capabilities of your company.

Wire Partitions
For certain products, wire partitions are necessary for safety and security. These partitions often function as guard rails and will protect more valuable products for medical facilities and record storage locations.

AECI offers custom storage solutions and our state of the art warehouses can be customized to meet your product storage needs. AECI’s modern warehouse management and fulfillment services are carefully designed to reduce your operating costs. We take the time to learn your specific needs in order to offer versatile, custom solutions for your storage and distribution challenges. Contact us today to learn more! 973-402-8282