The Market Still Demands Cable and Wire Specialists

The Market Still Demands Cable and Wire Specialists

Wire Specialists

The costs of industrial materials are the highest they’ve ever been – especially prices for wires and cables. Although there are 200 distributors of specialty wire and cable in the U.S., the wire and cable market is niche, but it definitely accounts for a large number of profits.

Because wires and cables are perceived to be commodities, vendors will offer value-added services along with purchases to make them more attractive to customers. Some of these value-added services include kitting products (packaging related products together), staging products for delivery, shipping to multiple sites and managing storerooms.

Despite their durable appearance, wires and cables are fragile. In order to avoid damage to these products, they must be handled carefully so they aren’t broken, dented or dinged. Sturdy, stackable corrugated boxes are the best for storing these items and helpful when needing to move them with a forklift or hand truck.

Most warehouses are not able to manage the thousands of wire and cable racks, the fittings, boxes, lighting fixtures, lamps and other typical electrical components. Cable and wire specialists do a better job of handling the hundreds of varieties of wire and cables.

Some things that impact the selling of wire and cable:

  • Lengths of cable on wire reels are always changing
  • Values of wire and cable inventory are always changing
  • There is difficulty tracking and managing wire and cable because of these changes

In order to compete, cable and wire specialists must have the right product mix and a broad customer base. Customers wish to manage their wire and cable investments effectively, hiring wire specialists to do it.

AECI’s Industrial Wire and Cable Division offers an extensive line of high-reliability conductors for applications in the aerospace, computer, electronic, military, commercial, and music industries. With over 25 years as cable and wire specialists, our staff is committed to exceeding your third-party distribution expectations. Our goal is to deliver the best engineered materials, on demand, at the best possible price.