Save Money with Inventory Reduction

Obsolete inventory refers to products which are no longer valuable and have been kept by a company long enough for it to have seriously declined in value. When a product is at the end of its product life cycle and has not seen any sales or usage for
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Why Managing Excess Inventory is So Important

Companies often deal with many efficiency issues, but the issue they struggle with the most is how to handle their excess inventory. This is a problem that should never be ignored, because it can be extremely costly to store in company warehouse
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Supply Chain Segmentation Changes Can Help Avoid Excess Inventory

Today’s manufacturers need to understand how technology can help maintain their profitability. Many manufacturers still utilize an older supply chain segmentation strategy, which keeps them from moving towards more business success. As technology
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The Environment Benefits When You Reuse Industrial Materials

When today’s most widely-used products are manufactured and processed, they can create a significant amount of material waste. Simply dumping this excess waste can negatively impact the environment and add even more to the earth’s
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The Challenges of Closing an Office with Used Telecom Equipment

Once business owners make the tough decision to close their doors, there are typically strict deadlines assigned. Elimination of office furniture and fixtures is one thing, but getting rid of used telecom equipment or left-over IT products creates
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