Follow These Best Practices to Execute an Asset Consolidation Strategy

In our last post we talked about supply chain consolidation, and we are following the trend in this post with asset consolidation. Every business is at risk of facing closure and once it’s inevitable, building a solid asset consolidation strategy
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Supply Chain Consolidation Will Positively Affect Your Company

It can be a complex transition when a company considers a supply chain consolidation. The consolidation process will definitely impact customers, employees and of course, supply chain partners. The purpose of streamlining is not only to cut costs,
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Outsourcing Supply Chain Management: Efficient and Effective

More companies today are outsourcing supply chain management (SCM) to a third-party organization so they can remain focused on what their business does best. Handling SCM on your own is not only inefficient, but is costly as well. Outsourcing
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Procurement Teams Must Develop New Strategies

Today’s electronics industry has undergone dramatic changes as manufacturing technologies advance and consumer demand goes global. These shifts will continue to drive radical changes in the design, construction, and procurement of electronic
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The Market Still Demands Cable and Wire Specialists

The costs of industrial materials are the highest they’ve ever been – especially prices for wires and cables. Although there are 200 distributors of specialty wire and cable in the U.S., the wire and cable market is niche, but it definitely
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